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Human/Kaiju Hybrid


Half-human, half-Kaiju, Duncan has a fiery temper that’s gotten him into more than a few fights and made him the perpetual new kid at school. Beyond your typical teenage angst, he faces an unusual dilemma: honor his mother’s wishes and lead a normal teenage life, or follow his dad as the next King of the Kaiju.


Hybrid Transformation: Duncan can willfully transform between his normal and hybrid form. Due to acheiving his form, his normal form has become even more reptillian.

Super Strength: Duncan has enough strength to overpower an exceptionally large Kaiju almost easily. Duncan can also jump high heights.

Fire Breath: Duncan can breathe large amounts of fire and use them as fire blasts. He can manipulate the fire he breathes.

Reflexes: Duncan's reflexes are at superhuman levels, at least.

Speed and Stamina: Duncan has at least superhuman level speed and stamina.

Durability: Duncan can take intense beatings from a powerful Kaiju and shrug it off. He is also immune to fire and heat.

Flight: Duncan can sprout wings that allow him to fly.

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